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Starting Tape Wyrm this past year has taught me many important things. First and foremost, it has shown me that amazing and decent music is being released at all hours and days of the year. With that said, most of this music will be either forgotten or appreciated by only a few. There is no way around this fact. Another important lesson learned this year is that the “end of the year” really “ends” at the end of the year. Though the calendar for most musical year end lists wraps around mid December, music does not cease to exist after December 15th. In fact, all forms of media continue to be released despite making it in for consideration. It is now the beginning of January and 2014 feels so old, but despite this, celebrations of greatness can happen at any time. This is especially true for releases that were never destined to be in end of the year publications. This is especially true for the ancient tradition of metal demos.

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