Abjectress – Cryptic Incantations (Demo I) [US, Black] (2023)


Cult of Oblivion Recordings | 8-3-23

Praise Oblivion

Abjectress is a project by Lolth, a black metal and sometimes synth musician who also runs a label called Cult of Oblivion. Cult of Oblivion is new and Cryptic Incantations seems to be the first demo from the entity. You can only stream on of the songs and if you wanted to hear the rest of this release you can contact the makers for trade / purchase as Cult of oblivion seems to be mostly analog in its making. The label / collective also engages in a lot of pageantry when it comes to names and titles embracing the black metal aesthetic of circles and cults. This might be perfect for people who love a level of mystery when it comes to engaging in acquiring unique metal artifacts. For those who are not, Abjectress and its brand of “improvised atmospheric black metal” is interesting enough on its own. The one streamed track “Ceremonial Bloodthirst” is a howling gust of icy wind which broke through shuttered windows. New labels however small are interesting to watch as they develop their identity and Cult of Oblivion seems to be off to a great start in making me contact them for a tape.