Bokkerijders – Silver Dust and Swords Of Gold [Belgium, Black / Thrash] (2023)


Self Released | 10-28-23

All hail rock and roll. Well, parts of this. Bokkerijders is a black metal band with only one demo released in 2022. Silver Dust and Swords Of Gold is probably a demo but it was released two days ago and their Metal Archives page hasn’t been updated. This feels like a demo or even EP with the two tracks with the title of the release. Regardless of the brevity of material songs like “Silver Dust” reach into the 9 minute territory with a full black thrash track being extended into a dark ambient / dungeon synth conclusion. “Swords of Gold”continues this theme by segmenting a black thrash song with a psychedelic intermission which is both unique and exquisite. I enjoy releases which are utilitarian in their title and Silver Dust and Swords Of Gold is both accessible and blistering. All hail the club in the seventh circle of Hell.