Rotting Casket – Simply Rotten Death [Netherlands, Death] (2015)

Self Released | 2-14-15

Self Released | 2-14-15

As of this moment, the lyrical themes for this Dutch death metal bands are not available. I am going to take a guess that Rotting Casket and their debut EP Simply Rotten Death is going to have somewhat to do with dying. I maybe completely wrong but judging by the artwork and general atmosphere, I feel we are stepping into a world of rot and horror. I apologize if this record is filled with optimistic hope.

All jokes aside, the opening guitar tones of “Vortex Of Insanity,” places Simply Rotting Death in a very specific sound. First of all the focus of Rotting Casket is towards an old school Swedish death metal sound in the vein of Entombed and Dismember. The band even states on their Bandcamp page that they are dedicated to the HM-2 sound. This may mean absolutely nothing to some but to others it ushers Rotten Casket to the front of a long line of new metal they need to listen to. Simply Rotten Death maybe short in its running time but for those looking for wild ride into crumbling mausoleums, I can think of a few perfect bands. Rotting Casket is among them.

Simply Rotting Death is a great introduction for a band that has the ability to astound and amaze. This EP does little to break the confines of influences but that may not necessary be a criticism. Rotten Casket shows themselves to be a solid entry in the old school style and maybe something that people need int heir lives. The synergy and cohesion between all aspects of the sound works almost flawlessly which leads to an almost text book example of past styles. The band maybe devoted to decay but I hope for life and continued existence for the band.