Nefaria / Sylvan Frost [US, Black Metal / Ambient] (2014)

Self Released | 1-31-14

Self Released | 1-31-14

I feel my journey into lesser known metal is going to unearth some awesome and strange examples of artwork. Example — this fucking pencil drawing used on the cassette of the Nefaria / Sylvan Frost split. Perhaps the best part about this cover is the total disregard of any sort of graphic assistance. Nope, I am going to hand write the names. Fuck you guys and your use of “computers.” From a design perspective this is both insulting and completely charming. Who in the world is this meant for? The answer is everyone as this cassette has been famously xeroxed for anyone who got a chance to purchase it.

Both Nefaria and Sylvan Frost are headed by the same creator which is 19 year old Lars Eichmiller. Why there was a need for split or why I wasn’t making black metal demos when I was 19 is no matter. What does matter is that the Nefaria / Sylvan Frost split is interesting and worth one’s time. Is it high quality black metal? No, Of course not. Is it something interesting you were probably unaware of unless for the internet? Of course. Is it also something that you are going to remember for sometime afterwards? Absolutely.

Nefaria is by far the more interesting projects. Sylvan Frost has been declared to be in transition with more focus placed on the former project. This maybe for the better. Nefaria’s side is one song with haunted mansion atmosphere and near vocals which stalk around cobweb hallways. The over the top nature of this side makes it ludicrous to the point of reaching something astounding. Nefaria is so far from commercial viability, it almost resets the whole structure and becomes high art. I almost lost my mind during this side which is sort of disappointing when the the Sylvan Frost side consisted of slightly more recognizable vocals over top of Sabbath riffs. the meeting place between these two sides is an literal approach to lo-fi black metal.