Funeste – MMXV [Canada, Black] (2015)

Self Released | 5-15-15

Self Released | 5-15-15

There is a joke here about not being able to spell Funeste without “Fun.” It works but I feel that it doesn’t make much sense as much as I want it to. Though listening to this recent Canadian black metal demo is quite enjoyable, “Fun” would not be the first which comes to mind. Perhaps “seething,” “wretched” or “hallow with bitter remorse,” would be the first descriptions I would reach for. MMXV is the very expected title from a black metal demo which does more than its fair share of introducing a band’s potential to a greater audience. Hello. This is your ultimate destruction.

As expected, Funeste comes with zero information aside from two members with no ties to any other bands. This does not mean they are new to the heavy metal world rather they may just go by different names. At this moment, Funeste could just be a divorced blip which will only have one fantastic demo to their name or MMXV will be the start of a very illustrious career. I only speak with optimism as the atmosphere and level of craft is deserving of praisse. Aside from sounding like a tornado in a small kitchen, the fury in songs like “Le passager invisible” is remarkable. Additionally, the use of odd sound clips in closing tracks “Hilkhot Avodat Kokhavim” gives the album a final feeling of foreboding damnation. This whole sound is a signal of the end times and we do not even know it.

I enjoy reviewing metal cassettes and albums becasue I am allowed to explore negative adjectives in use of praise. Funeste has pushed me to the point where the feeling after a bone breaks is close to the feeling one has when listening to this demo. If I was a band, I would love it if someone described my music as the feeling of paralyszing shock was used as a postive description. Let us hope everyone elese feels the same way. If you were looking to fall asleep in int he arms of complete terror, please lay down and try not to close your eyes.