Arche – Undercurrents [Finland, Funeral Doom] (2015)

Self Released | 7-11-15

Self Released | 7-11-15

Hooray. A band that is not on the Metal Archives so I have no idea what this is or how it is related to anything. It also appears that this Finnish funeral doom band has either just started or is hiding in the thick of obscurity. Undercurrents is probably the first EP from the Finnish three piece which makes the most use from the lack of members. All that is needed is a fresh view on doom and the weight of eternity at your side.

It should be noted that Arche’s approach to funeral doom is similar to bands like Esoteric where the suffocating atmosphere is married with mournful guitarwork as well as slow acoustic passages which break into more suffocating atmosphere. The mid break in “Plains of Lethe,” however unsurprising, as it is still hits with a sledgehammer when returned to its original heavy form. I believe that Undercurrents succeeds not based on its uniqueness but rather its adherence to tested and scientifically backed permutations of the style. This type of funeral doom works and oh my does it work well.

For all of its successes, I am still frustrated with Arche for not having ready available information that I could possibly comb through with endless speculation. This is especially true since the success of Bell Witch earlier in the year shows a possible embrace of slow and methodical doom. Today is the day you die and forever more will the the sound of rung bells made or iron.