Obduktio – Obduktio [Finland, Death] (2016)

Caligari Records | 1-8-16

Caligari Records | 1-8-16

Look at that cover. Its so gross. I usually am turned off by covers with such a disregard for color scheme but Obduktio seems different. I could say the same thing about silly sound clips before songs but again, this death metal act is a unique case. By halfway through this release, you are going to just have to go with things becasue soon we will all be on the ceiling. Obduktio means “a dissection performed on a cadaver” in their native tongue and by the sound of their craft, this 4 piece is going batshit with their autopsy.

Let us remind ourselves that this record is aimed at not only breaking bones through flesh but a general sense of entertainment. The irrelevant use of Piotr Ilich Tchaikovsky’ “Finale” from the 1812 Overture in ear piecing goofiness acts as its own overture to a demo that is full of laugh out loud violence. With most of the tracks under 2 minutes and all of them with dripping reverb, this band seems to be emulating Repulsion but is being caught in between acid flashbacks. With the type of levity running around naked on this record, the demo is allowed to do things which give the release a certain charm. One of the closing tracks, “Käsissämme,” is a 6 minute track which sees all of the high tempo death/thrash/punk slowed to a graveyard crawl. It is not only the consistency in which this band plays which is so great but the unexpected lunacy which makes Obduktio a gem.

If one would keep an eye on any band for future weirdness it would be Obduktio. The sheer catchy nature of the music and vocal whooping in tracks like “Pulmapäivä” make the whole affair seem like a cross between a rowdy bar scene and the same room right before mass murder. I will clap slowly for any band that manages to give such strange mental images while listening to their music. Obduktio is a slasher film which is both in saturated color and not suitable for perhaps any audience.