Draped Urn – Degenerate [Brazil, Black] (2016)

Self Released | 5-16-17

Self Released | 5-16-17

Wow. Careful now. Don’t burn yourself on how new this is. Put it down. It is too hot. This release is almost 24 hours old and as of right now it has no other points of contact other than the few bits of information. All we have to go on is that Draped Urn is from Brazil and the sound is fucking ferocious.

Draped Urn plays black metal in the war style in that everything comes at the speed of a runaway truck and with an air of irreverent blasphemy. While the war tag is very fitting to some of the South American black/death that haunts the country, the downtuned grooves in Degenerate are enough to mark a difference. Sure there are chainsaw solos and jackhammered vocals for songs like “Spanking Ritual” but there is also an undeniable structure which makes it, well, listenable. I think this is why Draped Urn is so great.

Draped Urn has uncovered some sort of lo-fi black metal cookbook and is following the recipes to frightening efficacy. the confidence in songs like “The Iron Mistress” speaks of an artist who is not interested in proving anything but willing to sell anything. The infernal howls from the pits of this release reverberate in the hallowed halls of the underworld. Whether or not this is an up and coming act or the demoes of demons is still yet to be uncovered. Pray for your soul.