Predatory Light – Predatory Light [US, Black / Doom] (2016)

Invictus Productions | 9-23-16

Invictus Productions | 9-23-16

Predatory Light, as an independent entity, has been a bit of a mystery. I believe I first encountered this Northwestern US black metal band on the 2015 Vorde split put together by the very wonderful Psychic Violence records. In fact, the last release from Predatory Light was that split over a year ago. Sometimes bands take their time in making records and by the opening atmosphere of this band’s self titled debut, it was well worth the wait.

Though this band is tagged as black / doom, the actual slow elements come more as a psychedelic crawl than traditional doom. the opening song “Laughing Wound” has classic doom chords which are assaulted by visceral black metal as if a church was being stormed by shadow creatures. This structure continues through the entirety of Predatory Lights record as the mental fabric of the record begins to fracture under the stress of conflicting elements. the guitar leads for this record are frantic which are flung through window panes which the drums aid and abed the chaos. Every single instance of potential which was spread out over demos and splits is finally fulfilled in Predatory Lights debut and I could be more happy/frightened.

Predatory Light is loosely connected to bands like Vanum by way of the lead member who is also the guitarist and vocals for Ash Borer. We have already discussed what the other members of Ash Borer are doing with Vrasubatlat and it seems like the other members are involved in the same type of moral debauchery. I would love/hate to be in attendance at their family reunion. I can imagine it is filled with a lot of raw naked emotions which are throw around like empty bottles.