Draghkar – World Unraveled [US, Death] (2017)


Self Released | 2-3-17

I am so late on this one. This release came out in February and was given to me by an acquaintance. Reviewing things from people I know personally is odd since I feel the need to either be brutally honest or exceedingly positive. From the few albums on this site that are from acquaintances, they are included since I actually enjoy it, with Draghkar’s demo being one of them.

World Unraveled is in its truest sense a demo with promise. While the correct levels of production, mixing,m and instrumentation are not entirely firing together, the chaotic atmosphere and grim gumption from this band is outstanding and truly shoots for some horrid stars. From oscillating riffs to the devastating growls which hang like dark clouds in “Wings Over Malkier,” Draghkar is onto something and I insist they pursue this mad dream.

Draghkar already has has a long road ahead of them if they are intending to carry the Robert Jordan Wheel of Time references through future releases. At this moment there are only two bands listed on the Metal Archives who have used The Wheel of Time series as an exclusive lyrical centerpiece. If Draghkar can pull off another promising release under the same auspices then I can foresee horrible things int he future.