Taphos – Premonition Promo MMXVII [Denmark, Death] (2017)


Self Released | 11-3-17

Taphos almost feels well known and well liked among friends I probably do not have. Perhaps it is the sound of grimy death metal with a tone that looms in empty warrens and caves. Perhaps it is the fact their logo looks similar to bands like Grave Miasma. Perhaps it is because there is so much good metal coming from Denmark within the last few years. What ever the case, the third release from this group does more to cement their place in the underworld.

The Premonition Promo is an honest to goodness promo release for possible consideration among labels. It contains three new songs which focus the undead energy heard on earlier demos and EPs. Though this band is probably only a year old in terms of release cycles, the maturity and structure in their music is similar to on that has been around much longer. Perhaps this is why this band feels already well liked as it could fit among bands like Grave Miasma, Cruciamentum, Vastum, and any other cavernous yet dynamic styled death.

Premonition is an astounding promotional release which is getting milage among some corners of the internet or among friends I probably do not have. Since it is 2017, this band does not need a label to become recognized though I can think of a few outlets that would be more than happy to welcome this group to into their home despite the fact they smell like grave soil and other things unthinkable.