Seclusion – Occultess Unknown [US, Death] (2018)


Self Released | 7-31-18

Oh man, things are about to get dirty and by dirty I mean we are all going to be covered in grave soil and coffin dust. Seclusion is a pretty new band from the lands of Texas and by their unassuming debut, this act is aiming low to subterranean levels with a sound that feels as claustrophobic as a tomb collapsing with the weight of the Earth. Seclusion’s sound rests on an air of attitude and style as the muddy production does less to draw people in as the heavy themes of occult ritual and slow death does for listeners to stay. At only two tracks, Occultess Unknown presents a band that has all of the right aesthetics and beginnings for potential releases and while this demo does not punch through the soil and grab an unsuspecting leg, it does enough to raise interest or at least a little bit of trepidation of the things that are going on under one’s feet. If the sounds of “Burning Human Incense” are of interest to you, imagine what this act can do when they finally break out of their imprisoned tomb.