Witchbones – Entropy Rite [US, Black] (2019)


Self Released | 2-19-19

I am not 100% certain how this projects name is presented as the Metal Archives has a space between Witch and Bones. I will go with what Bandcamp says but what I am certain about it that this demo is ugly as fuck. I am also not certain where this project is headed as the Entropy Rite demo follows a January 2019 release which was more baffling than it was pleasing. Entropy Rite makes strides into being something substantial though the two songs are marked with odd choices for atmosphere and an almost untamed spirt which runs through its core. This is black metal but without any need to impress almost like fireworks set off in the woods to an audience of none. Its sole creator seems to be using this project to channel a vile spirit and to what end it will manifest is anyones guess. What we know right now is that Entropy Rite maybe perfect for someone looking for music that is unpredictable, violent, and above all else exciting.