Ghriéving – Chimére de Hypnos [Venezuela, Black] (2019)


Vigor Deconstruct | 4-1-19

Vigor Deconstruct is a new label which seems to be what is left after the dissolving of the venerated label Fallen Empire. From few Facebook posts, Vigor Deconstruct seems to be taking up the mantle, and remaining roster, and being the aesthetic torchbearer and dealers of obscure madness. Many things are uncertain but adie from a few signed bands without new material and older albums pressed onto vinyl, the only thing attributed to Vigor Deconstruct is this new Ghriéving. Alright, I can stick around to see what this is about.

Chimére de Hypnos is an EP following a debut that was released on a perhaps more obscure label — Ascetic Visions. Ghriéving ‘s stormy disposition fits the swirling unease of terror with high occult visions and a growing sense of unease. Metal Archives similar artist tag already has a connection with Skaphe which could be for music or visual aesthetic or both. whatever the case, Ghriéving is a a fantastic parade marshal which will hopefully usher in year’s worth of material from bands I never knew existed. I do not expect this to be another Fallen Empire but if it continues to unearth terror long bound in crypts by spells, I will be okay with whether this label is going to be.