Hole Dweller – Returns to Roost [US, Dungeon Synth] (2020)


Self Released | 3-7-20

One of the more interesting things about ducking out of a scene for a bit and then coming back is seeing the notable releases you might have missed. Last year, us based Hole Dweller released Flies The Coop to bizarre acclaim among internet fans. The release was packed with comforting synth showered with lo fi production which was intriguing and deceptively immersive. Fitting 2020 sees a follow up that expands on the world of Tolkien based synth but in a sound that is transformative and as one Bandcamp user put ” If PBS did a Hobbit film in 1983…” The progressive and library production quality of Returns to the Roost is a sound that is so fitting to dungeon synth I am wondering why I never thought of it before. where melodies once lingered and made an aesthetic home, Returns To Roost builds technicolor castles which reach to warbeled stars. Hole Dweller lives beyond the hypnogogic worship of other genres and holds court in these tones.