Fen Walker – The Totem Wilds Call Thy Name [US, Dungeon Synth] (2020)


Dungeon Deep Records | 3-14-20

It is odd and wonderful to see a dungeon synth record, which came out a few weeks ago and still with a massive amount of Bandcamp support. Fen Walker is a Us based dungeon synth artist whose second record continues on the progressive path of the debut Hail! O’ Barrow Lands! . I have already lauded the progressive sound of dungeon synth with Hole Dweller and Fen Walker’s The Totem Wilds Call Thy Name adds to my hypothesis that basement fantasy synth mixed with a 70’s progressive structure is not only agreeable but also something that could define the sound if given the chance. With the grounds for experimentation which does not lapse into artsy experimentation, the wild journeys one travels is completely immersive and something that transports the listener to far away lands.