Beelzebud – Beelzebud [Singapore, Black / Doom] (2015/2020)


Cyclopean Eye Productions | 3-25-20

Special note that this 3 song full length from Beelzebud was released in 2015 but as most stories go, its distribution probably never left Singapore. This is okay since now we are going to get a second chance at this unltra bleak black doom record with a band whose name sounds like lame ass stoner doom. Listen, I get it, stoner doom plays at an aesthetic and weed themed band names are part and parcel for the genre. Beelzebud does play stoner doom though in a burned out shell of black metal similar to bands like Cough where the groovy vibes have long since dried and what are left are gnarled roots. Beelzebud also possesses the ability to make 10, 15, 25 minute tracks interesting though their protracted torture of rough production and gang vocals. Whether or not this release is actually 2020 or 2015, it seems to not matter as much as the weight of the hammer upon your head.