Kobold – The Village In The Frozen mountains [Italy?, Dungeon Synth] (2020)


Heimat Der Katastrophe | 4-3-19

I can remember Kobold’s first release on HDK in 2017 as the weirdo OSR dungeon synth release on a seemingly experimental Italian label. Now as HDK enters into the 50’s in terms of release number, my view on this label has not swayed as it is an anomaly of outsider music and niche interest groups. Kobold is apart of a legion of 16 bit focused DS that makes music centered around imaginary adventures that sound like soundtracks to computer games that never existed. Actually, this release, like others, comes with a complete adventure inside the tape as each release is an OSr adventure. TI do not know how developed the system is but Kobold’s releases would not be the first time a game was incorporated into a DS release. Even outside the durability of the game as tape release, the landscape created by Kobold is deserving of attention just with the other three releases on HDK. This release is made for a specific audience on a label that seems odd but you know what, it all seems to be working out.