Various Artists – The Longing Soundtrack [ Various, Dungeon Synth] (2020)


Studio Seufz | 4-3-20

The Longing is a recent video game which has garnered a bit of attention from major reviewers. Currently on Steam, it is an idle exploration game based on a character who spends 400 days underground. What is interesting about this whole affair is the soundtrack which is a smattering of dungeon synth artists who contributed music to the game. Dungeon synth and games have never been that far apart as the nature of the music lends itself to atmosphere. The majority of The Longing is created by Lord Redstone, who seems to be a composer taking on a dungeon synth persona. Scattered among the soundtrack is previous work from Erang, Erdstall, Spectral Kingdom, and dungeontroll. I would be a little bit more critical about dropping in tracks from 7 years ago into a new video game had it not been for the effectivness of this soundtrack. The mood and atmosphere exuded by its composer and guest stars make for an exciting time where dungeon synth crosses over and introduces themselves to people who never expected such a thing.