Dekagram – Through The Dark [Norway, Atmospheric Raw Black] (2020)


Poisonous Sorcery | 4-13-20

Raw atmospheric black or atmospheric raw black could both fit into this aesthetic. While Dekagram sounds ominous and cryptic, it is a unit of measurement equal to 10 grams. That in of itself may have significance but this is perhaps the first black metal act to embrace units of measurement to project their aura. Through the Dark is a compilation of two demos, one of them being a 2018 release and the other, I believe, being new. Whatever the case, the listener is given the experience of 43 minutes of atmospheric freefall not into the soft embrace of pine trees but rather an belfry on top of the most desolate looking church. This compilation is icy, moody, and above all else effective in its efforts to cast the world in darkness.