Slime Golem – The Short But Touching Tale Of Slime Golem [Greece, Dungeon Synth] (2020)


Wyrm Lodge Records | 4-10-20

“You Have Summoned The Slime Golem! (Master in awe of his creation)” is perhaps one of the greatest song titles in the history of music and if not that then it is a wonderful introduction to the tone of Slime Golem. Slime Golem comes from a Greek label called Wyrm Lodge which is a bunch of weirdo synth that I have trouble finding the members involved. It is okay since the music is a weirdos fever dream. The Short But Touching Tale Of Slime Golem is a loving embrace of horror film soundtracks like John Carpenter just run through bedroom production and given an EC Comic aesthetic. There is nothing wrong with any of this as Slime Golem and the rest of Wyrm Lodge operates in charming obsession to all things weird.