The Shakespearean Frog – Handkerchief Soap [UK, Dungeon Synth] (2020)


Self Released | 4-13-20

Comfy Synth was a small micro genre in an already micro genre and consisted of artists embracing a light yet intimate sound for their releases. The aesthetic was pointed to a pastoral/cottage setting and invoked scenes of nurture and and comfort. Most of it was less than average production put out at the same rate as most dungeon synth which was a lot. Dungeon synth has a tendency to embrace and run with titles and comfy synth can certainly act as a style within a genre much like winter synth, forest ambient, dark ambient, chip synth, and dungeon noise. The Shakespearean Frog used the tag comfy synth which made me dump a diatribe but outside of any assumptions, Handkerchief Soap is a wonderful vintage style string album that is just as magical as any other dungeon synth. Handkerchief Soap was released in the same month as its followup Elite Toilet Soap which despite its odd name is just as warm and inviting as the first. Come get a blanket and sit by the fire.