Lord Orots – Mors Solum Initium [US, Dungeon Synth] (2020)


The Obsidian Order | 5-6-20

I am going to give it to Lord Orots. This is quite alright. It takes a lot of confidence to put yourself in a cloak and a Halloween mask on the cover of your 25 edition tape. It takes a lot of confidence and trust in your audience to ignore any criticism and just go with the music. Mors Solum Initium goes with the music with an EP of old school dungeon synth that aside from being slightly repetitive, achieves the mood and atmosphere desired by so many cloaked devotees. The Obsidian Order is a US based tape label that seems to be going for the strange and wild with a roster full of dark ambient and noise releases that when put side by side, makes Mors Solum Initium perhaps the most melodic. I am going to give it to Lord Orots, this is quite alright.