Karst – Genesis of Nervous Decay [US, Death/Doom/Grind] (2020)


Self Released | 6-1-20

“A portion of the profits from this EP will be donated to Mental Health America of Los Angeles in an effort to aid those suffering from anxiety, depression, thoughts of suicide, and all struggles of mental health.” The small piece of text which accompanies this release is wholesome and shines a soft light on an otherwise obliterating release. If one has spent time with heavy metal, they will know the thoughts and escapist idealizations of the music is separate from the lifestyles of the musicians. This isnt to say the two do not cross over nor are musicians immune from the troubles of reality. This is why I find it interesting when musicians reach out beyond their own thematic veil and even though this is a small, and crushing, death/doom band from the US, little gestures like this make the whole of this release deeper than initially thought.