Fen Walker – Sojourns in the Realm of the Undermoon [US, Dungeon Synth] (2020)


Self Released | 5-20-20

Fen Walker was an artist that I missed during my sabbatical from dungeon synth. 2019’s The Totem Wilds Call Thy Name was an intense journey into the lands that lay beyond dungeon synth which was more like a psychedelic walkabout than a record. The sharp synths and progressive nature of Fen Walker’s music fits the motif of shamanistic visions and strange spirit quests. Sojourns in the Realm of the Undermoon continues this theme with another record poised with pulp adventure befitting of a faded paperback cover. This release concludes a loose trilogy of records that I may not have been around for the beginning but am sure glad was here for the end.