Mari Lwyd – Future King [Wales, Dungeon Synth] (2020)


Gondolin Records | 3-31-20

Even though I have been seeing Gondolin Record releases in the recent past, I feel it is time to fully recognize this label as something unique. Gondolin Records is a label based in Denmark that unearths dungeon synth of the last 10 years as well as presents newer lesser known acts. The most important aspect of Gondolin is their brilliant graphic design which unifies all releases with the same layout and array of tints. Though their tapes are usually sold out the moment they releases, one cant still page through their catalog and see familiar names like Murgrind, Fairy Ring, and An Old Sad Ghost as well as new names like Mari Lwyd. Arcane and courtly, Future King offers a slightly lofi medieval landscape that is full of wonder and serene magic. Now I am going to have to start collecting apes from this label or atleast keep up with tier releases so I do not miss out on tapes.