Sophia – death bows his head and gently weeps​.​. [Canada, Dungeon Synth] (2020)


Serpent’s Sword Records | 6-1-20

This is the second release I have encountered with the tag “funeral synth” though I feel the project Sophia might fit into more styles that just one. death bows his head and gently weeps​.​. (all lowercase) is a short demo of of ultimate despair. In fact the emotion on this record is boiling to the point of melodrama. While the last sentence feels like it is a criticism, the protracted despair of oozing synth fits the Gothic atmosphere constructing a palace of melancholy and nights that never end. Most of Serpent Sword releases posses the same sort of vampiric DIY aesthetic and Sophia is no different with its weep for a 100 years approach to synth.