Archana – Boreal Worcs [US, Dungeon Synth] (2020)


Mysttic Timbre | 9-1-20

I am going to give it to Mystic Timbre for always being there to interest me and incite me with some forest themed magic. I have talked before about Mystic Timbre as a dealer of arcane wonders with both Archana and Alloch Nathir. Boreal Worcs is a new (and upcoming) release set for Fall that waves to me months away with its devilish melodies. Rather than lay out a passive landscapes of with melodies, these sounds bounce through the tree lines festooned with colorful clothes and wild masks. For its short length, the experience of Boreal Worcs is memorable in its liveliness. This is active listening dungeon synth and something that stirs imagination.