Ancient Sword – Ars Antiqua [Italy, Dungeon Synth] (2020)


Dark Age Productions | 6-10-20

“Ancient Sword is the solo project from Dysangelium of black/death metal band Necromorbid and it rises from the antique land of Tuscany… where the gloomy atmospheres of dark ambient and dungeon synth music are melded in a classical and dramatic manner to achieve and recall the glorious splendor of the medieval and Renaissance art.”

I enjoy the presentation of this record even if it looks like traditional dungeon synth when in fact it is more experimental than most. Ancient Sword does not play by the rules and Ars Antiqua, while still devoted to tradition, fills its world with dark ambient, oppressive synth lines, and a feeling of unease when one was expecting soft melodious synth. This is less regal court music and more Tangerine Dream / Neptune Towers worship and it is great.