Zundmarazkhulshilkîn – Izremabrusây ra Shâkalmamakhhul [UK, Dungeon Synth] (2020)


Self Released | 6-17-20

“Izremabrusây ra Shâkalmamakhhul translates from the dwarvish as Flotsam and Jetsam, the title of the ninth chapter in the Two Towers. It also describes the manner of tracks that feature on this album. Although I have fit them into a narrative most started life as one-offs, pieces that drifted here from elsewhere, either tracks for compilations, tunes I worked on under a previous project or works that have sat, semi-completed on my hard drive waiting to find a home.”

SO I am guessing that this is a compilation of sorts from an artist I have never heard of before today. Outside of a successful 2018 debut, Zundmarazkhulshilkîn has been drifting in and out of collaboration and split projects before resting on Izremabrusây ra Shâkalmamakhhul which by the description makes it seem ancillary rather than what it really is — magical hypnosis. Disguised as raw bedroom DIY, Zundmarazkhulshilkîn presents tender and melodious synth that despite their preamble feel complete as soundtracks to a fantasy land I desperate want to be apart of.