Saccular – Excrescence Odium [US, Brutal Death / Grind] (2020)


Self Released | 6-20-20

These genres are usually something I do not seek out on my own. Brutal death has its history and style which has grown to be something that is for certain people. I am not one of them. This does not mean I do not enjoy the face first dive into gross subject matter rather to do so has to be done with some tact and reservation. I cant believe I’m talking about tact with this style of music but Excrescence Odium circumvents the ordinarily sexual pathology of brutal deaths history with a half of a split that explores the outer body experience of abstract torment. The music on this split is less a collection of songs rather sheets of slime that drown the listener and while I propped up the high concept notion of the music, the Bandcamp picture is still the creator on a hood with an axe. This is goregrind that doesn’t chop at the lowest hanging fruit but rather twists and deforms itself into something unrecognizable and wonderful.