Olshanoe – Канун [Russia, Dungeon Synth / Neoclassical] (2020)


Shum Derevyev Records | 7-8-20

This release is actually from late 2019 but now is seeing a wider distribution via a Russian tape label called Shum Derevyev Records. I am not familiar of the other releases on this label save for the fact that if they are the same quality as Olshanoe, then I can be eternally excited. Olshanoe is not traditional dungeon synth rather a marriage between neoclassical, ambient, folk, and a variety of nature based instrumentals dedicated to the breathing world. Shum Derevyev Records supports this with a small batch release of Russian(?) artists dedicated to myth, lore, and new age devoted synth. If shipping wasn’t so expensive from Russian, I would own more tapes, but Olshanoe should keep me entertained for a while.