Hallucination / Arapaima – Death Ambient [US, Dark Ambient / Noise] (2020)


Moonworshiper Records | 7-12-20

This is certainly something. Dark Ambient is less interesting to me than dungeon synth for various reasons. Dark ambient is also a bigger genre with longer history but still with the same amount of audience. Dark Ambient is hard to approach due to its nebulous nature which matches its nebulous sound. Moonworshipper records has been the weird misfit int he Ds scene for years with its releases that were like dead animals inside cardboard boxes. The Death Ambient split is something that I would not have intentionally sought out outside of its cover. While Hallucination’s harsh noise wall / drone is certainly par for the course, it is Arapaima’s side with its haunted acoustic folk that really shines and when married with Hallucination, becomes sublime.