Exire – Across Rivers of Yore [US, Neofolk / Dungeon Synth] (2020)


Self Released | 7-13-20

This is not the weirdest thing I have covered on here but it is close. While dungeon synth is oddly connected to black metal by obscure stone path, the realm of neofolk lies even further by twisted overgrown trail. The similarities between all of these genres is still the sense of melancholy and loss which aches in the music. That and low costed and pressed tapes. Across Rivers of Yore is a US based artist whose 2020 release is seeing a print on Irish based tape label Fomorian Hate Recordings. I am honestly incredibly intrigued by this sound and while it eschews most of the traditions of what is featured on this blog, I feel a connection that calls out from eons past./