lookfar – beyond the edge of the world [US, Ambient / Dungeon Synth] (2020)


Self Released | 7-22-20

The capitalization is intentional as I usually try to respect artists use or misuse of lettering. lookfar is weird and perhaps does not fit into the regular scheme of dungeon synth. If you know me or have read any of my dungeon synth reviews, you are aware I love experimental dungeon synth and also when artists travel far beyond the reaches of genres. beyond the edge of the world is an experiment from an artist that eschews the traditional aesthetic of dungeon synth with an ambient synth record that has elements of dungeon synth but in on a different planet all together. It helps that this artist is not a dungeon synth composer rather a musician who is interpreting the style. lookfar manages to be experimental without sacrificing recording fidelity or lapsing into nonsensical spaces. Sure there are plenty of dissonant passages within this release but they all feel apart of a surreal kingdom where nothing is right and you the outlines of material are stuttering.