Brahdr’uhz / Lugubris / Cendres de Haine – 666 Fuck You [Switzerland, Raw Black] (2020)


Self Released | 7-30-20

Well, here we are. It is 2020 and I am writing about a split entitled 666 Fuck You. The embrace of aesthetics is a strange thing as something that seems overwrought and oppressive could work towards its ultimate success. The Swiss trio of Brahdr’uhz, Lugubris, and Cendres de Haine is a Swiss trio of acts that is perhaps apart of the same scene or just a connected group of musicians. There seems to be no common origin point for all three so we are just going to assume that the glue which holds all of these bands together is raw noise and a tendency to be dramatic with their darkness. The 666 Fuck You split is a showcase of three bands and an above average take on raw black as the sound is fierce and grating while always be entertaining. All Together you have 45 minutes of raw Swiss black mwetal that you might not even know that you needed until this very moment. Embrace aesthetics and fuck the world.