Ænigmatum – Adorned in Wrath [US, Black / Death] (2020)


Burning Coffin Recs | 9-22-20

Before wandering into this release expecting blistering black / death, allow me to explain all of these noodles. Ænigmatum is a Us based band that does play a variety of black / death but it leans more inteo blackened death. I do not like to differentiate between the two that much but for this instance it is best to think about the combination of black/death to be one sound with progressive melodies running on top. Think less Blasphemy and more Behemoth. That might all be confusing but what is not is a fantastic followup demo to a 2019 debut that sort of went ignored. Adorned in Wrath is seeing a tape release from Burning Coffin Recs based in Chile so it is my hope that this demo sees a larger audience that can help with sound differentiation.