Hasufel – Lamentations Of The Foul High Priest [US, Ritual Ambient] (2020)


So Called Hell | 9-18-20

Ritual Ambient is something I have always admired even if I do not actively seek it out. Ritual ambient is a specter that sometimes crosses my path and am forced to confront. So Called Hell is a newish US based tape label that specializes in, according to their Bandcamp Page, lower path sounds. Dungeon Synth and Dark Ambient seem to be the focus for this label and by the looks of the three releases thus far, they are succeeding in all aspects of crafting an image. From sight to sound to general eerie presence, So Called Hell is like that specter I just mentioned that keeps following you in the woods. Lamentations Of The Foul High Priest is perhaps the most unsettling of releases from So Called Hell with a tapestry of otherworldly sounds and ritualistic devotions. While ritual ambient can ride far on its aesthetic, Hasufel manages to weave engaging sounds that are both intoxicating and disembodied leaning on the ambient side rather than the noisy. Hasufel is dedicated to the fans of wandering the dreamlands between the realm of life and to the seekers of ancient temples beyond the wall of sleep.