Hole Dweller – flies the coop II [US, Dungeon Synth] (2020)


Self Released | 8-13-20

I was away for Hole Dweller’s debut and this fact still pains me to this day. Though I missed this stellar debut from the Us artist, I have been singing the praises of this year’s followup Returns to Roost as a striking continuation of progressive dungeon synth. Flies the coop II is the second installment to the first releases not only conceptually but atmopherically as it returns to the waist deep worn noise of the debut. If you are not bothered by the atmosphere, then flies the coop II, much like the debut, is a blissful journey into pastoral lands that is as wholesome and inviting as worn fantasy paperback novel. I am astounded that dungeon synth has reached a point that has brought traditional styling together with experimental sounds and embraces vintage atmospheres while continuing to explore the future of the sound. Hole Dweller has never ceased to amaze me at the journey they create. This is a fantastic release from an astounding artist.