Snuggle Oscar – Sunday Snoozin’ [US, Dungeon Synth] (2020)


Self Released | 8-22-20

I feel the more I listen to comfy synth, the less critical I am of its presence. This helps when the music being released is of decent quality and elicits a certain aesthetic. The aesthetic of comforting and warm synth music that is inviting to all listeners. Snuggle Oscar is perhaps one of the most sugary synth records I have heard even considering the Grandma’s Cottage record that came with recipes in its download. Sunday Snoozing is dedicated and inspired to cuddling with your dog specifically a 5lb yorkie. When one looks at the grand scope of DS and its origins and resurgence and typical themes, the existence of comfy synth feels antagonistic to its serious fantasy aesthetic though also apart of the same quest for escapism. Whether or not it s a dark wood, a castle far off into the distant or on the couch with your 5lb yorkie, ambient synth can be for everyone and I am glad in 2020, e are getting releases like this since they are both hilarious and endearing.