Yith – Yith [US, Black / Doom] (2014)

Self Released | 3-28-14

Self Released | 3-28-14

Hands down, one of the most eerie covers of the year. Who would have guessed the combination of black and white pencil and white eyed specters could be so unnerving? Yith has spent most of its time releasing demos in sequential order. There is nothing which separates the fourth demo from the previous three aside from the self title. Right now maybe the perfect opportunity to allow Yith to come and darken your heart.

It isn’t until a few minutes into the intentionally lowercase opener “the willows” that the project’s strengths start to shine. The music begins as a very well worn variety of fast lo fi black metal before finally down shifting into some stellar black doom. This heavy gloom lingers throughout the entire demo leading to a delightful, or horrible, combination of melodic doom and shrill vocals. Yith’s proudest moments come in the form of near acoustic breakdown when all of the light finally leaves the world and nothing remains but blackness. If one could not tell from the ghostly cover, there is little warmth contained within.

Black doom is not a genre explored much or, at least, with any sort of precision. Yith makes a valiant effort to excavate the very rich deposits which make up this sometimes neglected subgenre. The project is offering this demo for 1 dollar digitally or 5 dollars for a physical copy. Gum is more expensive than having this apart of your music collection. This is absolutely worth your time and one should be thankful for the opportunity to get quality doom at such a discount. Dark doom over this world.