Lazer Throne – Citadel Of The Elder Star [US, Dungeon Synth / Synthwave] (2023)


Self Released | 2-15-23

First up: amazing cover. Visually outside of everything this cover is perhaps the thing which got me to listen to the record out of a sea of terrible artwork. Secondly, the genre for Lazer Throne’s debut record is perfunctory. Yes this there are elements of dungeon synth and the visual and aural styles point towards synthwave. Beyond those two aspects, the sound for Citadel Of The Elder Star hosts many guests from Tangerine Dream influenced Berlin School and Neptune Towers worship drone. There are even parts where late era Pink Floyd guitar and synth warble their way across an infinite horizon. The fact remains, Lazer Throne is confusing and ever more intriguing since going into the record one would expect dark synthwave with a high BPM. This music is less a cyberpunk dance party and more sword and sorcery with neon lighting. Citadel Of The Elder Star is a pilgrimage across a dark landscape influenced by many thing and with the courage to adopt aesthetics and sounds but not be constrained by their rules.