Atra – Death Coven [Australia, Raw Black] (2023)


6-1-23 | Altare Productions

Eternally stoned. I once again got you ere under false pretenses. This record is a 2023 reissue of a 2010 album originally on the Portuguese label Discipline Productions. Atra is an Australian act which is apart of a circle of musicians known as Order of the Black Serpent. That circle is comprised of members from Drowning the Light, Erebus Enthroned, Eternum, and a whole host of others who have more projects than members of the group. Death Coven is one of two reissues by once again Portuguese label Altare Productions. This is abut the extent of knowledge I could gleam from Metal Archives age but suffice to say Atra along with their friends prefer to stay enshrouded in mystery. Death Coven is a feature length album complete with introductions and interludes which makes up a theater of the macabre. If your idea of a party is stalking in a graveyard after dark, then take this ghoulish limb by the hand. .