Barghest – The Virtuous Purge [US, Black] (2014)

Gilead Media | 6-17-14

Gilead Media | 6-17-14

Jesus fuck. So the promotion pictures of Barghest proudly show the members pointing assault rifles at the viewer. This band, from the deepest parts of the Southern United States, seems to be bred for disdain and humid violence. It is funny that the band shares their name with a low level RPG monster as Barghest, the band, seem much more capable of inflicting long lasting harm than a puny demon dog.

The Virtuous Purge is the band’s second release in a few short years following some horrid illustrated splits with bands like False and Mania. Compared to earlier releases, The Virtuous Purge is not only the band’s most clear record but one which shares the most styles outside of black metal. Though Barghest plays a straightforward style of black metal, The Virtuous Purge is coated not only in a thin coat of sludge doom but also traces of death metal. Songs like “when The Cross Points to Hell” have a guttural undertone which adds weight to the already heavy music. If one blurs their eyes then Barghest really just plays any style of heavy music available. The band does this as intensity seems to be their main goal in life. Oh, that and hatred. Lots of hatred.

The Virtuous Purge is the second release this year by label Gilead Media. The first this year was Thou’s Heathen with last year’s being a compilation by black thrash act Hexer. I hope for the best for Gilead as they seem to know the exact time to put out the right type of confrontational music. Barghest is dark anarchy which continues the band’s exploration into the worst parts of humanity. It is refreshing as it is horrible. Barghest is equivalent to an unexpected punch to the face and The Virtuous Purge is the feeling of loose teeth and blood welling up in your mouth.