Fórn – The Departure of Consciousness [US, Sludge Doom] (2014)

Vendetta Records | 7-22-14

Vendetta Records | 7-22-14

We need to get this done as Fórn’s debut is nearing a month old. While many bands slip past notice, The Departure of Consciousness is so heavy, it is near impossible not to notice its presence. Sludge doom can take many directions whether it be stoner, hardcore, or just downright anguish. There are other times sludge doom’s low end can be emphasized with a record which bears weight of the world on the shoulders of transcendental misery.

Fórn gives special attention to atmosphere as The Departure of Consciousness is similar to the cavernous production which is the hallmark of recent death metal VIPs Dead Congregation. This atmosphere allows the record to exist in a unique space where the slow and melodic passages are just as effective and resonating and the crushingly heavy parts. The clean outro “Cereberal Intermission” as well as the opening to “Suffering in the Eternal Void” are stunning in contrast to the horror which makes up the rest of the half. Fórn’s preoccupation with cosmic imagery and conflicts which take place on on an existential scale gives The Departure of Consciousness a near astral quality. Long after the humanity has ceased to exist, there will still be a struggle between good and doom.

I feel the need to write this as I do not want The Departure of Consciousness to go by without mention. Though the record is surprisingly short at 30ish minutes, Fórn’s ability to warp space and time is damn near entertaining. Fórn’s accessibility to the world of doom, sludge, and post metal makes them contenders for new favorite band with an album worth everyone’s time and effort. Perhaps I am just pleased with the world The Departure of Consciousness has created as I never though the absence of hope could be so fun.