Endlichkeit – Endlichkeit III–V [US, Black] (2014)

Fallen Empire Records |9-9-14

Fallen Empire Records |9-9-14

This truly is a style that is very personal and dear to my heart. Raw black metal, released on cassette, titled sequentially, and perhaps made by one person. This music is usually densely layered and has little concern for being accessible to anyone outside a narrow audience. It is a style which is easily lampooned for its inaccessibility, acquired taste, and similar imagery in album art. It is also a style which is as refreshing and cleansing as bathing in a natural waterfall in Autumn.

Endlichkeit is a US based project which similar to most Fallen Empire acts, has zero information regarding its creators. Though this fits into the stereotypical nature of lo-fi bedroom black metal, its impersonal nature is apart of the experience. Here is music which is divorced from any sort of creator and exists as an entity. This is why things like naming each some a Roman numeral works so well as each song is congruent with the previous experience. Endlichkeit III–V is the second demo from Endlichkeit which continues the numbered acts in the ongoing play of existential torment. Thought the style is very similar to the first demo, Endlichkeit III–V is more rooted in droning texture than an atmospheric backdrop. While I hesitate to pin the words “twinkling” or “celestial” to music of this nature, “III-V” have less of a cold starry nature and more of a even temperature. I also maybe losing my mind.

Endlichkeit is not for everyone. I feel this type of music gets confused with its stereotypical trappings because of its position far from the realms of accessibility. I would not suggest Endlichkeit to people who do not know what heavy metal is nor are new to black metal. I would not suggest this record for people looking to get a dull party moving. I mean, sure, if you want to have this on at a party, I say go for it. The merits and strengths of a release like Endlichkeit III–V can be at least be recognized with the right amount of patience and maybe some experience with similar style of music. This is not a record one will experience with friends rather a solitary journey through the entities created by a nameless creator. It is going to be one memorable ride.