Enbarr – Sage [Algeria, Dungeon Synth] (2020)


Self Released | 6-20-20

Sometimes a cover says it all. Having paged through many dungeon synth and other self released records, if one has a mastery of a cover, it usually is an good indication of the music that would follow after. This is not always the case but it at least gives me hope that the music will match what was visually promised. Hailing from Algeria (!), comes Enbarr who on the third release this year, presents a conceptual record devoted to the imagery of Crystal Towers. The music is a more of old school dungeon synth which sketches a moat around the hazy image of a spire veiled in fog. Even outside of this probably being the first African DS release I have personally encountered, I am just struck about the design and the music which seems to be as promising as the front cover.

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