AMON OBEL – The Night​-​fearer’s Funeral [Luxembourg, Dungeon Synth] (2020)


Self Released | 4-30-19

I want you to be prepped for ambient noise and a sense of windy unease. AMON OBEL has made a dungeon synth record dedicated and based around the lore of Tolkien. That in of itself is not unique nor even a surprise in a genre steeped in fantasy. What is unique and striking about The Night​-​fearer’s Funeral is the anxious presentation that mixes dreamy soundscapes with roots of hidden horror. I do not know if it was intended to create a record with Tolkien lore titles and marry them with ghoulish organ synth and wrap it up with a chilly album cover that seeps any warmth from the atmosphere but I will be the first to say, it works and I am ravenous for more.

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