Torrid Husk – Caesious [US, Black Metal] (2014)


Grimoire Records | 2-4-14

Grimoire Records | 2-4-14

I just discussed Grimoire records being at the weird middle of different styles and now this record is here. Torrid Husk is not at the center of different genres rather a clean and neat package of black metal with only slight modifications. The funniest part about searching out lesser known metal bands is running into releases that may have been released last year to the attention of fewer than deserved. Torrid Husk’s debut Mingo was silently released and celebrated but without much fanfare. The band follows up their first on Grimoire records with a short yet concise EP with second wave flirtations as well as a deep groove which runs like jagged wire throughout the record.

From their Facebook page, it seems like Caesious was written in a slightly chilly cabin probably in the middle of nowhere. The sense of isolation which marks the band’s influences are apparent but Torrid Husk is not just another second wave disciple. Rather, the band makes itself known on the back of mid level production which never dilutes the visceral nature of the music. As stated before there is a groove which is present which allows the listener an anchor instead of being lost to a textural maelstrom. With specific attention paid to the interest of listeners, the band keeps their songs exciting with breaks and crescendos which only add to the ferocity of its resolve.

While Torrid Husk’s debut was wrapped in admirable effort, Caseious makes leaps and bounds in terms of craft. While it is easier to point to the rise in production as being the keystone, the band’s maturity in song writing could most likely being the reason for Caesious‘ success. Torrid Husk is a regional act which only gives me further excitement in regional black metal.